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About De Afghanan

Our first location opened over 30 years ago in Fremont, California. Since then, we have had the pleasure of opening other locations across the Bay Area and now The Central Valley. Families have grown up eating our food and now they visit us from all over the world.

De Afghanan represents a rich history within its culture among Afghan people. Aziz Omar, along with his family decided to open up the FIRST Afghan restaurant over 30 years ago in Fremont, California. Through his wisdom, our family wants to continue the deep tradition and authenticity.


De Afghanan has won several awards. We were awarded Small Business of The Year after being featured on The Travel Channels show; Bizarre Foods. We were also awarded Best Middle Eastern Restaurant in the Bay Area due to our excellent online reviews.


We are inspired and dedicated on making sure our vegatables are fresh and our meats are well marinated over night. We want to welcome you to become part of our growing family and enjoy the beautiful art, fresh flowers and fresh cuisine.


All of our locations serve quality authentic cuisine. You can visit us at our sit down at our flagship restaurant at 37395 Fremont Blvd. If you're in a rush, grab something to-go from our 37405 Fremont Blvd. Or we welcome you to come sit in our patio and have a cold beer and smoke some hookah with us at our 2712 Naglee Road in Tracy.


We appreciate the love we get from serving you!



Enjoy this slideshow of all the memorable and fun times we've had at all of our De Afghanan Locations.

1538064153795-w2880-74 (1).jpg
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