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Fremont Kabob House Menu

All Kabobs served with Shornakhod (Afghan Potato Salad), Afghani Bread & Salad

De Afghanan’s Famous Chaplee Kabob (Spicy, Ground Beef)

Grilled ground sirloin patty mixed with scallions, crushed red pepper, cilantro & special seasonings

Murgh Kabob (Chicken)

Skewers of boneless chicken breast marinated in our special meat recipe


Teka Kabob (Beef)

Skewers of tender tri-tip marinated in our special sauce, charbroiled to perfection

Combination: Murgh & Teka (Chicken &; Beef)
Chicken & tri-tip beef infused with our homemade marinade

Lamb Kabob

Boneless lamb kabob marinated with special seasonings, charbroiled on skewer

Triple Kabob: Murgh, Teka & Chaplee Kabob

Combination of beef (teka), chicken (murgh) and ground beef (chaplee)

Bolani Kachaloo (Potato)

De Afghanan’s famous turnover filled with potatoes and green onions served with yogurt and chutney

Bolani Gandana or Kadu (Seasonal)
Turnover stuffed with leeks (seasonal) or butternut squash served with yogurt and chutney

Water or Soft Drinks: Coke, Sprite & Diet Coke

Cash Only, Thank You!

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